Linda Voelker

Growing up in a loving family in Pennsylvania, Linda, the middle child of three, grew up with her ‘nose stuck in books. Not literally, of course, but the phrase used by her mother did ring true. It was a wonderful way to travel to new places with the people between the covers of each book. It wasn’t surprising that she remembered them fondly long after the stories were read.

When Linda was in her twenties, she fell in love and married. While the union may not have had the fairy tale ending she’d hoped for, she came away with two sons that grew into wonderful young men. She thought it only fitting that they would find love with women who were ‘everything good’ and start families of their own. As a result, Linda now has five doodlebugs, more commonly known as grandchildren, and she believed her fairy tale ending had begun.

Life was humming along without a hitch when the unexpected happened. After 26 years, Linda found herself no longer employed. The following month her health started a downward spiral, one issue melting into another until she felt that everything that had defined her was gone. It was that ‘broken’ woman who waited early one morning to watch the sunrise, going over the past year with God, her prayer one of confusion over it all. Ripples of pink and yellow announced that the sun was about to make its glorious appearance when a huge dark cloud swept in to deny her the view. Feeling even lower, she went inside, believing she wasn’t worthy of even that. Distracted as her phone buzzed on the table, she opened the message from an acquaintance (now a dear friend) that read in part, “…and He wants me to tell you something. God loves you very much, Linda…”

Well, now…

All of her life, looking back on her life, Linda could see where God had led her. She could identify the people He’d placed in her path along the way. But what made her cry was knowing, without a doubt, He had been there, listening to her fears and doubts that very morning. He’d felt her pain. He’d felt her despair…and He needed her to know everything was in His hands. Everything changed in that moment. Every fear, doubt, worry, sadness—all of it—washed away, leaving a peace unlike any other. Her circumstances hadn’t changed. Linda had.

She was compelled to write then, tales for children about the love Jesus has for each of them, for she knew how very true that was. Not only that, but He has a purpose for all of us. She’s pretty sure she finally knows hers.


Matthew 19:14 NIV. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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