Dustin Grimsley

Dustin Grimsley is an author of many genres and tries to broach many different topics in his life, seeking to answer many questions in life with an open mind. Born and raised in the Carolinas for most of his life, Dustin was exposed to all manners of questions and answers posed by some of the biggest influences of his life, including his family, his scientific reasoning, and his spiritual beliefs. Over time, these beliefs have evolved but have never truly gone away.

He began writing when he was a little kid, only about eight or nine years old, starting with short adventure stories involving the weather as an ominous presence and an antagonist with random abilities. Steadily, he grew in his talent, lengthening his works from a few pages to chapters, and from chapters into short stories.

During his formative middle school years of 10-13, Dustin improved upon a topic he did not feel was very well done in most prose: horror. He wrote brutal stories involving an ever-increasing amount of gore and grandiose plot, focusing more and more on the stories and the characters as he improved. He believed that he was flipping the tropes followed by stereotypical horror films and other media by focusing on character and plot development more than the gore and scare factors.

When he entered high school, he began to break away from his horror writings and moved onto dramas and science fiction, keeping with his character-driven plots and deepening his analysis of the characters themselves, crafting new, lifelike minds that did not follow the standard cinematic tropes that seemed to dominate his life and the society around him. As his devotion to character development grew, he began to let the characters themselves write their stories, even if sometimes those stories went off course from his original design. Realism was something Dustin grew to strive for.

When Dustin graduated high school, he began to craft novels much larger than those five or six page short stories he’d started out writing. Novels about the human experience, whether that experience still be rooted in horror, science fiction, or melodrama, with realism and humanism at the epicenter of each story.

His first novel, The Existence of Grey, is a science-fiction/drama with some thriller elements thrown in, a culmination of all his practice and previous works, as it tells the global tale of a group of humans struggling to survive against the alien invaders that threaten to wipe out all of humanity, answering deeply philosophical questions along its journey.

Dustin is currently hard at work writing. He currently lives in Virginia where he still studies human life and society’s evolution with an open mind.

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