Davina Wilson

Davina Wilson is a great writer with multiple skills of talents. She excels and exemplifies these qualities by bringing her personal issues along with sacrifices to the care of every situation. Throughout her depression and trying times in life she has still strived for the best in life. There were times she felt like there was no hope left allowing her pride to get in the way. She held a very independent role, which created the woman she is today. By constantly promoting herself through poetry contests, neighborhood rally’s, or just by giving personal suggestions on life, responsibilities and love.

Some of her accomplishments are writing, being certified in desktop publishing with web design and being a certified cosmetologist. Throughout her hard work she has never thought about giving up no matter what the storm may have brought her way. She has always remained consistent to her family morals and her dedication to others. Always staying focused at all she does has been the first and foremost ability to achieving success in life.

Davina is a wonderful mother, an awesome granddaughter, an amazing daughter, a great sister, a lovely loving reliable friend who is very much determined to succeed. She is a sincere believer, a faith holder, and advice giver by doing everything from her heart. Always going above and beyond measures to provide for herself and her family with a better, blessed and glorious life. When her mother passed away it took a lot out of her. “It weakened me, made me sick to my stomach.” Yet it still helped her to grow and look back at how strong her mother was to remind her of what was possible.

With the mentality to communicate with others, she wants to reach out to those that want change but don’t know which way to turn or where to start. With a reason to live, love, and laugh, if not for anyone else but for herself, that is all that mattered. There is a reason and a season for everyone. So don’t give up for any reason. All the love, hate, misunderstanding, and criticism in the world can’t and will not stop Davina from sharing her life story with the world or achieving her goals. She learned that people have to learn to do for self, make a way for yourself and look back and smile with happiness. “I know better is coming and better it will be.”

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