Calvin Walker

Calvin J Walker was born in 1986 in Lubbock, TX to Calvin and Camille Walker. He is the youngest of two. He has an older sister, Jazmyne Bowser. He was raised in church and cites his grandmother, Beatrice Walker, as his greatest inspiration. He learned to pray at her bedside and developed his foundational understanding of Christ under her tutelage. Calvin has been making up stories for a very long time. He wrote and directed his first play in fourth grade. Shortly afterwards, he began writing songs and short stories. Throughout his school career, Calvin became known for his way with words. He competed in various local and nation wide competitions with his poetry. In addition to writing, Calvin has been singing since at least the age of five. He began singing in church. He, also, sang at school. He competed in several local and statewide competitions. He was selected for several elite ensembles and choirs during his schooling as well. Currently, he serves as a member of the praise and worship team at his local assembly, Latter House Glory Tabernacle. He, also, sung background for a few artists in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

In 2004, he graduated from Estacado High School in Lubbock, TX. He moved to Denton, TX to attend the University of North Texas where he began his under graduate studies. In 2007, Calvin became engaged to his wife, Rayanna Walker. The two were married in April of 2008. After they married, Calvin placed a hold on his educational career to focus on his new family. In 2009, they welcomed their daughter, Melody, into the world. He’s currently finishing up his bachelor degree. He attends DeVry University where he majors in Business with an emphasis on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Calvin began to focus on his writing career in 2007 when he began writing a column for Path Magazine, an online Christian magazine. In 2008, he started working on his debut novel, “The Gallery.”

In 2012, Calvin moved into the area of film. His first short film, “Judges 19,” made him an award winning filmmaker. The short received praise for its display of male vulnerability. His second short film, “The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter,” made him an international filmmaker. The short was an official selection of the Dawnbreakers International Film Festival in December of 2012. He’s currently working on his first feature film, “One in the Chamber,” that is projected to be finished in 2014.

Calvin’s passion for art in all forms drives him to create stories in various mediums (music, literature, film). The goal of his art is to express the love and truth of Christ. He believes that art is one of the most underestimated but undoubtedly one of the most effective mediums of ministry.

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