When You Pray, What Should You Say


As you grown your relationship with God, prayer is a cornerstone to that bond. Please take your hopes, dreams and even concerns in the natural World to Him in the spiritual one. This book of How-To’s breakdown these everyday events and illustrates through biblical verses, how to speak with God.

BY: Kristine Mulholland

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Kristine’s latest book, “When You Pray, What Should You Say?” is a book of prayers on all major issues of life. This book is unique in that the prayers are put into layman’s terms and are designed specifically to help those new to prayer, but is also a great go-to for the seasoned “prayer”. Each of the over 120 prayers and topics reference at least one scripture, utilizing seven different versions of the Bible throughout the book.

Kristine explains what prayers are, what kinds of prayers we can, and should pray, when to pray and why prayer is important. She also discusses how God answers each individual prayer, and the importance of thanking God. This book is a genre of a religious ‘How To’ book. The book shows mankind’s depth of feeling while in prayer, and introduces an emotional complexity that is welcomed by its readers.

This is a well-written, passionate, set of simple, yet specific, prayers that are grouped together in alphabetical order for easy use. These prayers range from ‘Our Godly Character’ to our ‘Compassion for Others Weaknesses’, from ‘Depression’ to the ‘Rest of God’, etc.


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