Walk on the Wild Side


When curses are broken, the world can shift in mysterious ways. Werewolves and vampires can be released that must be destroyed so that order can be restored.

By: Justin Williams


Life as you know it comes to a brief halt when the things that go bump in the night come to life. An ancient evil is released when careless behavior is at its best. Diamond is 16 years old and a handful to everyone around her. After undermining her father for the last time she breaks into his study and finds a mysterious book. She becomes possessed by the book’s words and accidentally breaks the spell of an age old curse that awakens creatures that posse the darkest powers. The first Vampires and Werewolves fuelled by cursed blood return to the surface of Earth to feed. They board the Bechinhoven (ancient barge like vessel the size of 20 football fields that stores miles of hidden resting vampires) in search of Diamond. Cacoovoe, the Vampire lord and is the epitome of evil and immediately begins his bloody assault on mankind. Not too far behind him comes his band of putrid henchmen. Together they form an alliance so dark and so powerful that any force waging against them could and would be crippled. Cacoovoe is the second oldest Vampire in the world and rules the Vampire nation with an iron fist. However, when his older Brother Thatigoate, the Vampire God, is reborn he is immediately disciplined and put in his rightful place. After crippling the wicked children of the night, Thatigoate sets out to kill Diamond himself and along with him came the forever night (never ending cloak of night that holds nations of hell’s evil).

In his way stands Lobo, the first and father to all Werewolves. Lobo heads a family of violent beasts that have their own version of hide and seek. They’re intent is to kill Diamond as well. She has the power to terminate the darkness that creates a Vampire or Werewolf. Just one “TRA.LA.LA” or a word sung and the undead will split in two. Lobo undermines her power but falls in love at the first sight. While he continues to undermine his brood, the Vampires seem to be leading the hunt when they are separated and man handled by two of the most superior beings ever. Ryden and his right hand Geyeargo lead the assault on both imposing blood thirsty groups. Both Ryden and Geyeargo derived from a secret race of superhuman and immortal beings called Darkens. They travel in the secrecy of night and prowl in the darkness in search of evil beasts. Hidden from humanity they are God’s assassins. The two travel to Sentinel City to sack and intercept the approaching evil and indulge themselves the fight of their lives.  This is a tale of horrid evil beyond your wildest dreams. Deceit, adventure, darkness and family feuds all wrapped up in one chilling story about the never ending fight between good and evil.


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