Daniel Simmons’ Journey


Children are bullied more and more everyday. This title can help these children in dealing with these children as they learn about the love of God.

BY: Linda Voelker


Daniel Simmons was an ordinary boy with big dreams which seemed to change a lot. Even more so when he was finally old enough to go to school. He was so excited that first day, for he couldn’t wait to learn about history and science. He couldn’t wait to read, or play ball in the school yard at recess. Mostly, he couldn’t wait to make new friends. But a funny thing happened in that first year or so. He started to grow. Quickly. He was soon larger than any of the kids, not to even mention a teacher or two. He learned just as quickly, being different wasn’t always easy. He had Billy Bronson to teach him that.

Being a bully is a breeze for some kids. If you’re good at bullying, everyone who sees you make fun of a kid, laughs as if they agree he needs to be picked on. They seem to think it saves them from being the next target.

When Daniel is twelve, in trying to avoid Billy Bronson, he ends up on a journey through the courtesy of a red Volvo, and returns with a whole new outlook on his life. Turns out Billy’s not so terrifying. In fact, Daniel feels kind of sorry for him. And those kids who used to make fun of him with Billy, actually sit with him at lunch. Then again, so does Billy!

All because he took a journey and returned with a mission. Not one he’d have ever planned. Not even one he wanted to complete. But between Jesus and his Mom, there was no way out.

Good thing he knew by then, how very perfect he really was.


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