Blood Brothers


This delightful book is the latest in the series, this is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend.

By: Dustin Grimsley

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For the last twenty-four hours, Joshua Braxton has sat in an interrogation room at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is wanted in many countries around the world for heinous acts of violence, including murder, assassination attempts, hit and run, assault and battery, kidnapping, and resisting arrest. He is here not because he was captured, but because he turned himself in. He gave himself up in the midst of a chase with the police who were trying to hunt him down for his latest kidnapped victim, William Wolfe Jr., heir apparent to the top medical supplier in the world.

He hasn’t talked to anyone since he’s been locked inside of the interrogation room. He has refused a lawyer. There is only one person Josh will speak to, only one person he trusts to get the truth about the location of his latest kidnapping victim. That person is his brother, Berkley, a small town psychiatrist living in northwest Montana. He has refused to say a word, or to even confess to his crimes, without his brother present.

Berkley Braxton has been summoned to the FBI’s headquarters as a result of this stonewalling. Berkley is his younger, but larger brother, and has been actively avoiding Josh for years ever since the incident that drove them apart nearly a decade ago. He is tough, but fair, and compassionate for those he cares for. But he has no compassion for his brother Josh. His summoning was forced upon him, not an invitation.

When these two brothers meet for the first time in a decade, truths will be revealed. Confessions will be shared. The life of an heir apparent hangs in the balance. Berkley cannot afford to fail. Josh, however, will not give up so easily, even with his own blood in the mix. The two brothers will have to chase each other down in a hunt for survival.

Their cat and mouse game will endanger the lives of others, but most importantly their own lives are at stake. Two brothers, driven apart by choices and time, will have to come together and resolve all that separates them. Can they put the past behind them and work together for a better future? Or will their lives come crashing down on top of them in a hail of bullets?


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