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Our mission is to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire, and to connect them with readers worldwide. We are an international traditional publishing firm that creates new voices in the writing world regardless of genre. We collaborate with authors who create thought-provoking, challenging pieces. We want to leave readers with the memory of a book that they will carry with them. We want to give everyday concerns a different spin and make readers look at everyday life situations with a different prospective. We want readers to have a memorable experience even after the last page has been turned.

What We Do

By working worldwide, TJT Designs and Publications embraces new technologies, and collaborates with authors at every stage of the publishing process, from design and editorial, to sales and marketing, to production and distribution, we wish to provide them with the greatest platform possible. At the same time, we fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and champion freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices carry beyond the page and into the folds of societies and communities around the globe. Our professional team of publishing professionals is committed to helping authors realize their very best work and to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences worldwide.

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I loved the book! It was dark and twisted! I started reading in yesterday and already finished. I can't wait to read the next book

Dionndra James

Every child who has been exposed to bullying at school should read this story. A wonderful journey of hope through difficult circumstances. This is very well written and will encourage every child to walk with their head held high in challenging situations.
A brilliant book!


A Gate Called Beautiful is a journey of long-suffering, hope and healing. Claudia's story of faith and a life-transforming encounter with Jesus touches the heart. The author has woven together a tapestry of characters all paying tribute to the life of the Messiah and the Father's love. From being an outcast begging in the streets to a woman on a mission, Claudia never forgets to selflessly love others on the way to her own destiny. Rich in description and full of spiritual perspective, A Gate Called Beautiful delivers a sweet and poignant punch.

Mona Krueger
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